Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Navigate the Thinkific Lessons

    • Thinkific Navigation

  • 2

    Pre-work: Education Advocates Make a Difference

    • Review and download the Education Advocate Program Overview

    • Pre-work Quiz

  • 3

    Session 1

    • Lesson I Education Advocate Program

    • Lesson II- Families Together Information, Child Find and MTSS

    • Families Together, Child Find & MTSS Quiz

    • Homework: Using the Parent Guide, Chapter 4, page 29, "What goes into my child's IEP?" complete the worksheet below.

    • IEP Components Worksheet- You will want to download or print this so you can complete it as you read the Parent Guide.

  • 4

    Dispute Resolution Session IV

    • Dispute Resolution

    • Dispute Resolution Quiz

    • Education Advocate Application- Download and save to email to Darla. Do not save or submit to Thinkific.